Saturday, February 21, 2015

Now Playing: TBNC Upcoming Events + Past 2 Game Reports

By now you have heard me refer to Tampa Bay Nerf Club (TBNC) quite a bit. If you are in Florida and looking for somewhere to play, this organization runs mostly superstock, force-on-force events on approximate monthly basis with some HvZ from time to time. Check out the group page, we always need more players. The next scheduled event is a war on 02-28-15.

Additionally, USF HvZ runs regular training missions (minigames) at the same location as routine TBNC events. One is happening tomorrow, 02-22-15.

I of course will be playing both of these.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Tacmod + 552 Holosight = Pretty Nice.

I have been screwing around shooting at random things in my apartment with my trusty prototype RS Tacmod and this ClonEOTech optic that I picked up recently.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Blaster Labs: Save Nerf Vortex Petition (Please Sign This)

The blog Blaster Labs has started a petition collecting community interest in the continued development and availability of the unique Vortex technology.

I encourage everyone in the NIC to sign. Even if you are not a Vortex player, this hardware is unlike anything else on the market and has a number of reasons to be.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Mailbag: BSUK FCG/Rewire Kit for RS and Generic 552 Holographic Sight

I got mail! First up, this one:

OldNoob (/u/foam_data on reddit) from FDS kindly sent me a Blastersmiths UK Rapidstrike kit to review.

It includes precut wire and everything you need for a fire control group aside from the trigger and rev button, i.e. a 3D printed switch mounting plate, a 3D printed cycle control follower, and 3 Cherry mini microswitches.

I'm not sure what I will put this in or when but expect a review.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Mass produceable pneumatic blaster concept

If you follow reddit, you might know that someone who goes by the handle of farmcoffee is looking to start a new, community-oriented and community-driven blaster company which markets directly to HvZ players, people in the NIC, and generally people who want a public-friendly indoors-friendly alternative to airsoft or paintball - i.e. people who have so far gotten by using modified kids toys and/or plumbing, i.e. us.

I've been working with him on blaster development. This is a somewhat detailed description of a semi auto pneumatic blaster concept that I've come up with.

This post will probably be edited at some point in the future with the addition of a fully automatic design.

Edit 2015/2/2: Fixed mistake in diagram and further clarified operation of SA valve.