Chrono Data Archive

This is a list of links to the Google Docs spreadsheets containing the chronograph test data for anything I review, mod or work on.

Nerf Triad (stock, modded)

Nerf Retaliator/Rampage (stock, modded)

Strongarm (stock, AR removal)

Barrel Extensions + guns

Commission non-elite Alpha

Elite Alpha Trooper (Stock)

Elite Alpha Trooper (AR delete, stock and OMW spring)

Rayven (FN130A motors and 3S) and Stryfe (180 Blade motors and multiple voltages)

Rapidstrike - Stock and Blade Motors - 2S and 3S

Swarmfire mild upgrades

Buzzbee Extreme Dart test session + Sonic and Elite comparisons - Strongarm, Swarmfire, Triad, SSPB

JT Splatmaster Z90 Pistol

JT Z90 Retest with ramrodded darts/no dead volume

RapidPistol and dart age test

Strongarm dart age test

ZombieStrike Dart multi-gun and dart age test

JT Splatmaster Z100 Pistol

Elite Universal Suction Dart and A-Code Elite Dart comparative multi-gun test

Swarmfire OMW 2.5 (8 kg) Spring 

Stampede stock bolt, Everbilt spring, short barrel

Voberry "High Quality" Dart

Koosh Dart (eBay/yutoys 2014)

Koosh Dart (BW12 Forest Green Early 2015)

K'NEX K-Force Dart (30 Pack May 2015)

Koosh Dart Comparative Shoot - Flywheel, eBay/yutoys Feb '15 and May '15 Blue

DrSnikkas Aluminum Standard Flywheels - RapidPistol Unbarreled

Artifact Red Cage, Artifact Gen1 smooth full profile nylon flywheels, Gen3 koosh

Hooligan Flywheels on the Brushless T17, AR cage, Gen3 koosh and Raytheon Waffle Dart.

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  1. Thank you for putting these up, a useful and properly collected and collated resource. Every modder should do this.