Thursday, June 21, 2018

Project T19 Part 14: Stock and base printability and assembly fixes, new more durable flash hider.


New flash hider model.

The old one was a hastily drawn part from the Model Pandora days, and was quite poorly engineered, having a sharp corner (stress riser) where the cylindrical bit met the flange, and other problems. One of those got taken out by a tree at NCFNC, so it was time for an upgrade. The new one is considerably beefier all around, has a thicker flange with counterbored fastener holes, proper fillets, better wrenching clearance for the bottom bolt, a blunter front edge to be kinder to any zombies crashing into you, etc. It is also a bit more proportionate.

Did I ever discuss that the flash hider is also a rifle grenade launcher? Uh, so, it's a rifle grenade launcher. Insert a Mega dart into it. Fire a .50 cal into the Mega and the two inelastically collide and proceed downrange with quite enough velocity to waste specials. The new one should support and align the Mega a bit better for launch.

Other fixes:
  • Both stock models and the stock base model have had the tube bore increased to 33.6mm for less grinding/sanding and much easier assembly to 1" IPS stock tubes.
  • Both stock models have had a 0.2mm thick membrane added over the stock tube hole at the front inside flat surface, making this surface continuous, so bridging is cleaner, and poses less risk of a crash.
  • The stock model with charge port has clearance improved for certain DE-9 connectors.