Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Rapid^2 DESTROYED! Project Vulture Progress

I have a new RS which was going to be the base for my bullpup build, but instead I decided to do a little garbage collection. This may bother some of you but I am not a nerf collector. That goes for random practically useless guns, and it goes for old projects and experiments.

One was this Rapidstrike with underslung Rapidstrike:

I had given this a shot back before I had the build specs nailed down, and before the Tacmod existed. Just like the RapidSwarm, it isn't necessary. I would rather have a Tacmod. I get more kills with a Tacmod than with monstrosities like this.

Now, I had been trying to sell this thing for about a year, with little response, and in the meantime it was getting scavved for parts to repair squad guns. So it was junked out.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Practical Stock Class: Full Auto

Let's talk about fully automatic fire in stock class nerf.

To begin with, for those few people who aren't aware:

"A [fully automatic weapon] continuously fires rounds as long as the trigger is pressed and held and there is ammunition in the magazine."

Full auto has had a serious presence in stock class for as long as stock class has existed. In that time it has gained supporters and detractors and has created some myths and misguided ideas of its use. So has its counterpart, semi-automatic fire; and of course, the alternative to both of those which (for primaries) is pump-action. At the same time, the proper use of full auto is a skill, to a greater degree than using semi-auto.

Warning: This will be a long and imageless post.

Shelf Watch: 12-24-14 Iowa

This is the "Not from Florida" Shelf Watch I hinted at. Picked up a Target and a Bed, Bath & Beyond in the Midwest while visiting family...

Target: Nothing special. Standard NSE and ZS stuff, standard Boomco incursion.

Once again, zero Rampages. And no, there weren't any EATs either. Cough, maybe it's a good time to switch to auto, cough.

Only odd find was the latest Buzzbee shenanigan:

(note unrelated price tag which is for a Nerf RS)

Tek... 6X??? So what's the X?

Looks like a 3G Tek 6 to me. Range claim is 30' so it's probably not performance related.

BBB: Marshmallow Fun Company stuff

Marshmallow Blaster

Marshmallow Mini Bow

And a Zing bow knockoff of some type:

Appears unrelated to Zing. Arrow design is similar to Zing bows. Only claims 50' for range.

Best of the Worst 1: Ebayer Sells Used Darts

Check this out! Absolutely wasted tagger darts on ebay!


Listed for $3.99 with $3.95 shipping! More than brand new Hasbro darts in the smallest package! Seller has multiple listings... AND THAT IS NOT ALL.