Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shelf Watch 06-25-14. BoomCo in the wild.

On the way to a game, I stopped by the SODO Target in Orlando, Florida to pick up a case of Elites, and BOOM... Co. There it was.

Did I miss something or is this news?

Apologies for the bad image. One, I shoot people with foam, not take photos, and two, I was trying to avoid looking sketchy or have trouble with employees.

Anyways, the Rapid Madness was priced at $59.99! Holy hell. Based on the performance reports from the community that is an outright scam. I did note that the ergonomics looked decent, and the thing is huge. A large rifle size aside from the barrel length.

Also checked out the .40 caliber "straw" darts. They are weird indeed. The "straw" appeared dual-layer and very thick walled. Very un-foam, but the way I see it, anything that isn't an airsoft BB or a paintball (with their attendant problems when it comes to safely and cleanly tagging people) is welcome in the hobby of nerf.

Finally, I did buy my case of Elites, and proceed to shoot all of it at the game, and I do think it is time I gave an update on the state of the Elite dart. It has improved, and I am liking these newer J-code orange and blues just as well as ZombieStrike. No malfunctions and lots of kills that game, and a surprising absence of frustrating accuracy problems.

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