Thursday, July 2, 2015

WASP Completion

WASP = WASP Automatic Superstock Pistol

This was where I left it:

Now the new bodywork:

And paint. Trivia: Everything red of mine has been sprayed with the same single can. "DZ Customs Red" is ACE Hardware "Rust Stop" (Rustoleum knockoff) "Regal Red" enamel. That can is about 10 years old and has sprayed a bunch of mower parts and other random things too, and now 4 guns! And there is still paint left in it!

One of the great things about the Rustoleum industrial finish, it covers forever and beyond. Super cheap and handy. I spray the white stripes over the red in one coat, too. Perfect coverage, though I could get smoother paintjobs if I would be more careful and patient and buy some fresh paint.

That was a while back. The battery and motors arrived recently and I put this thing together.

Generic FK130SH 4666kv "Meishel" 5200kv "Banshee" (This is NOT a "Meishel" motor! I have a post upcoming about this situation) on right, Mabuchi FK180SH-3240 for comparison on left. As you can see these things have vented cans in just the right place for Nerf cages, and a slightly longer shaft, both good features.

Installed in a Stryfe cage.

The battery I am using, a Zippy Compact 2S 850mAh 25C.

The only battery box mod, aside from gutting out all the AA related stuff from the inside, is to grind this spot. This is where the wires exit the wrapping of the pack and the relief avoids pinching them.

Dropped in place.

Installed. There is a PVC piece added to prevent the pack from moving forward, and I have replaced the JST RCY with a Deans Ultra.

Everything crams in nicely. The battery box cover has had the ribs removed on the backside


Internals. Wired with 16AWG teflon, full size micro, all standard stuff. You can also see the "vortex" muzzle device here

This feed guide is one of the defining features that separates this from "just a Stryfe". It is ~2mm sheet, and bonded to the underside of the old support area for the lockbolt/dart sensor that of course went in the trash.

And this is what it does; support the top round in the mag and prevent it from working upward through the feed lips over time. This is going to be a sidearm, so this is a very necessary feature for reliability. It prevents malfunction clearance without dropping the mag and prevents toploading, but it allows trouble-free use of mags with very strong springs (like 6-rounders, which are what will be used in a pistol) over any period of time.

You can also see the spring feed guides installed in the cage. These are there to provide spring pressure to hold darts in the mag and avoid any remote chance of the dart working forward into the flywheels and locking them up.

With my primary.

Now I just have to wait for that holster to arrive.

I am happy with the results of this build (which are alright response and nominal velocities), but I don't like how loud and rough it is. It could use a set of better balanced flywheels (but definitely can't handle any more flywheel mass). These motors rev a bit too high in my opinion, and the battery is also too small and has too high an IR to get either optimal motor performance or optimal service life out of the battery. I still don't like flatpak lipo and I still don't like 130 motors.

However, in terms of a cheap power system ($5.10 battery, $3.58 motor set) that is available at present and fits into a pistol form factor, it is pretty damn good. It has a mean buzz and a nasty sting and it will sure get me out of more bad situations than a single-action revolver.


  1. That feed guide is an awesome idea. Going to have to make one for my own Stryfe.

  2. Toruk do you know if they still sell regal red?

    1. I believe so. Rustoleum has a Regal Red, but it isn't the same color.

  3. wow tidt did this to my own stryfe