Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Gameplay Footage: USF/Tampa Bay Nerf Club HvZ Day Game 07-16-16

Videos are up on The Dart Zone Youtube channel.

Background on this game: The mod team for this event had it all planned out, and then a TON of people who registered didn't fucking show up. Thus it was HvZ with something like 17 players. You know that won't be what even 25 or 30 players will be like. Also, the mods had to change everything on the fly, so keep that in mind. The mods did a good job. So while there may be little action especially in that first mission video (which I will just leave for you to go to the channel and see if you want to along with the mission briefing for this one), consider it a good camera test.

Lore information: The scenario in the original planned game is that locals find areas of land with toxic chemicals seeping out of the ground (a lot like the Love Canal disaster in which a town was built over an undisclosed hazmat landfill) and strange occurrences nearby, including zombie-like creatures. We the humans are there to investigate.

After lunch, we lost even more players (If you were one of those, shame on you, you ARE the reason games occasionally end up in this sort of jam and aren't as big or fun). With HvZ off the board we ...kinda halfheartedly played King of the Hill. I was sure not on my A game by this point. At least there is some on camera Tacmod and WASP action in here:

The Mobius really made the grade. It takes GREAT video, the battery lasted through multiple missions (I charged it in the field during lunch with my Miller ML102 and some 18650 cells, I didn't try to stretch it past 3 missions) and at 848x480, which is MUCH MUCH sharper than the compressed shitty youtube FLVs, it is really easy on storage at around 4.25GB for 80 minutes of clips, while also being capable of 1080P if I wanted to do that. It didn't glitch or shut down in the blazing heat that day and the hat rig is great... for video at least, it is in the perfect place. Not too low so all you see is the gun/sight, not too high like a gopro head strap so you can't figure out what I am shooting at. The one annoying flaw is that being on the underside of my hat brim the mic is way too close to my face and gets breathing making me sound like an asthmatic. Gonna have to try solutions for that.

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