Tuesday, June 27, 2017

PSA - Turnigy XK20 inrunner shaft diameter change NOW 2.3MM. DO NOT BUY

Ordered two Turnigy XK2040-4500kv motors from HobbyKing US warehouse recently. I had planned to use these to run the HBC Riot Cage, as well as reviewing them as a 20mm inrunner option for SSS flywheel systems.

However, there was a complication.

Specs on listing (note 2.0mm shaft, in agreement with the 2.0mm shaft these motors had in the past):

Motors received:

2.3mm nominal with a flat. God damnit Hextronik you have failed me.

I am RMA-ing these things. It's a shame, they are nice motors with what should be perfect specs for this application, and I really wanted to give them a go.

Instead I am going either with another pair of GWS GWBLM005, which will hopefully have better bearings than my last noisy pair of them, or maybe I will give the Hobbywing EZRun 2030 18t (5200kv) a try. After a lot of digging I have had a hell of a time finding any other 20mm motors with 2.0mm shaft ends. A real shame about these Turnigy.

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