Sunday, January 28, 2018

Google Drive link for Hy-Con part files, T19 Firmware, etc.

Github and Git vexes me. I do need to get my neolithic mind around the proper use of version-control systems eventually, but for now as a stopgap here's the big dumpster of Hy-Con stuff:

I'm working on converting all source CAD files to STEP so people don't have to attempt to edit meshes, but that's gonna take a while. I figure that if you don't use FreeCAD like me you probably can't import my .fcstd files.

Also note: Gamma Minor Cage is not posted. That's because it has some very dumb goofs in it with motor clearances that resulted in the dremel being broken out. For now, just print a 100% infill Beta Prime and that will do the trick. Also, it is going to be shortly obsolete when the Gamma Major is finished as the first big piece of the Production T19 1.0, which will have non-borked motor clearances, smoothed externals, and its own matching, aesthetically blending Cover component with the other half of the muzzle bolt pattern, so you can finish your blasters off with flash hiders, barrels for working past bunkers, or twistlocks.

Model Pandora T19 development gun: Parts are posted, if anyone brave wants to play around with them.

Firmware: DZ Core V24.0 is posted. This includes the latest delay settings I have been running, which do whittle away slightly at first shot velocity for responsiveness at least with 3S. Also, some bolt drive parameters have been buffed somewhat which will give 10.5-11 rps, because I now run the flywheel drives closed-loop and use 4S (as the Production T19 will) and stepper torque is no longer a problem. If you've used this code in something and are running on 3S, you will probably want to read the comments in that section, and set the last one back to the listed default for maximum reliability - at least as a baseline.

Added to the firmware as of late is a neat little power-on selftest routine that gives tactile confirmation that all the motor drives in your blaster work, nothing is locked up, etc. without having to dryfire it.

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