Sunday, May 20, 2018

Project T19 Part 13: Part Model Bugs Stomped; Core Visual Schematic

A super quickie:

The Rev2 models for the Gamma Major main section (enlarged phase wire channels), grip base (add clearance notch for the drive housing spring perch reinforcement thingy) and breech (trim the lower edge of the side cover mounting bosses) have been added to the Google Drive. Should be print, drill, tap, deburr, hand fit mag release and trigger axial play with file/sandpaper if necessary, and go.

Gen3 Hy-Con wheels now have a full range of gap settings from the old standard 9.5mm up to 11mm in 0.25mm increments. If you are concerned about decaps or trying to run at less velocity than 175-190fps, those should help. Remember that you probably will want to change your governor settings down from the stock 9.5 wheel 25,510rpm setpoint to match the wheels, even if you aren't trying to go subcritical to meet limits. Hy-Cons seem to greatly dislike being oversped.

Also, this should help you build a Core compatible controller:

I have been thinking over the subject of PCB Core boards and also due to the Project FDL precedent, I have been getting a number of inquiries about assembled blasters and T19 wiring/electronics kits. I'm reluctant to say I won't do either of these flat out, but I just can't supply the world with T19 blasters and turnkey electronics.

I will look into the PCB subject and at least supplying that bit. My reluctance is due to the fact that within probably 6 months, new features will have been implemented and the hardware changed/added to. But at the same time, it's not like a couple dozen Core 1 PCBs would not go to good use.

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