Friday, February 13, 2015

Tacmod + 552 Holosight = Pretty Nice.

I have been screwing around shooting at random things in my apartment with my trusty prototype RS Tacmod and this ClonEOTech optic that I picked up recently.

As I alluded to before, I think it's time for a revisit of this subject. After all, between when I started and now, the capabilities of the equipment have improved tremendously. Back then, there was plenty of reason to laugh. Nowadays? Well, me and my Tacmod with a mag of koosh are a match for any blowgun, ask any TBNC'er. Time to reassess.

Camera shows reticle smaller than actual size.

This is not only really tacticool which is always welcome in the stock class, but I am liking it at least for the closer quarters on pure effectiveness. It is still zeroed at 35' with koosh. I hung up a T-shirt for a target and landed some hits on it from as far away as I could, no problem. My battery is even a bit low on the TM, probably a few missing fps there.

Not bad at all. For what they used to say about optics on stock class guns being as worthless as a Nerf faux scope, not bad at all.

We do get into long, droppy ranges outdoors. The 110-120fps koosh shoots decently flat but I do use all of the effective range, and some of that needs a good dose of elevation on it.

Some testing is going to be needed to determine several important nerf-relevant bits of information: where I should optimally zero (the longest reasonably-flat-shooting range); at what range I must aim at heads to hit center mass (because heads are convenient and dimensionally predictable), and at what range I must now transition away from aiming and back to lobbing offhand.

Plus, what games I run this in. CQB/indoor is a given, speedball type cover is a given unless very sparse, open fields are probably a no since it's all max range standoffs. HvZ? Woods? Wildcard they are. Will have to see.

And the reticle brightness. I am still a bit concerned there.

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  1. I love the red paintjob, keep up the good work