Sunday, March 15, 2015

WIP- Eradicator Rapidstrike with Rayven Stock

Time to start building a primary!

I love the ergonomics on the rayven. The thumbguard, the shoulder stock, I absolutely LOVE IT. But, it doesn't have those full auto capabilities of a rapidstrike which are very superior. So, this happened.

Right now it just has a temporary bond of hot glue and melted plastic to see if the integration will work.

 Massive microswitch for the rev switch

And... it's fitted.

What's a flywheel primary without 180's?

180 on the pusher because, why not?

Yep. You're seeing that correctly. Teflon tape to cover the connections because it conforms to the shape very nicely and it looks really clean.

Hmmm, handy bit of shell here. what am I to do with it?

This. Cover the motors. If I do say so myself, it looks quite nice like that.


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  2. I see that you have a polyfuse on the pusher. That's a good idea, and I take it that you were inspired by Toruk's pusher kaboom which was documented on this blog, but putting it directly on the motor will put it in the electrical braking circuit. I'd advise putting it before the trigger and firing mechanism switches.

    Using part of a flywheel cage to make an endbell cover seems like a waste of a flywheel cage to me. I don't know whether you thermoform PVC; this would make a good flat endbell cover. Toruk uses a heat gun and I use a toaster oven, but either way, it's easy. Extra cages would be useful for multi-stage systems and perhaps for swappable cages with different motors for power adjustment (though the lack of compatibility between different flywheel blasters would limit the utility of this system).

    On the other hand, the shape of the flywheel cage on the outside of the blaster does look kinda cool and I'm curious to see how it looks when (if?) painted.

    I'm also a fan of the Rayven's ergonimics, with my only complaint being that the corner of the battery tray can dig into my wrist a little when I hold it like a pistol. This is a minor problem as I usually shoulder Rayvens.

    1. The PTC fuse came with the blade when I got a lightning deal on it. I will try to move it earlier on in the circuit but the problem is that when cut off, the blade doesn't seem to run. I can try again because maybe it wasn't a full connection when I was testing the blade with the fuse cut off.

      Yes, It will be painted. The other end of the cage broke because I was trying to gorilla out the motors and it completely cracked in half and stuff flew everywhere. It was crazy.

      I never pistol Rayvens. I always shoulder them as they feel very compact like that.

  3. Just FYI, all the pictures were fisheyed because thats what the gopro does.