Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hammer "Completion" (?)

Reactions to my new pump gun on Reddit:

Don't worry guys, I haven't been converted to the dark side, auto is still better, wait till my next build. Now all this click-click-booming has left my Tacmod a bit lonely, time to shoot off a few mags...

Also, as much as I never planned this build as a clean one, there always has to be that redditor.

...And now I am reconsidering a cleanup and paintjob on this thing after the combat tests get through and any changes are made.

Now for the current state of the thing:

Spliced up an accessory rail

Installed. This rail is not quite vertical, it is canted about a degree because I screwd up. Windage and elevation are on but your optics have a slight list to them on this thing, which bugs the crap out of me. I might cut it off and replace it in the future.

And made a slightly longer flash hider blank, cut it and sprayed it safety orange. Add a 552 and a 10 round curved mag and it's quite tacticool.

Pump grip position when racked open

I still have some noncritical hole patching on the magwell area to do.

Testing has gone well. I don't know what the verdict is on the 3/4" SDR 21 barrels yet for sure, but I am not seeing any advantage over my good old Tacmod. If anything, this shoots worse. I don't know what to think about BFU barrels; perhaps they have to be larger than this (which would be a big honkin' ugly pipe on the front of the gun...) Anyway, being that this doesn't work amazingly and was the largest and thinnest-wall tubing I would want on a TM, I think the next gen Tacmod will end up keeping the Stampede inner barrel + Stryfe flywheel set combo, and maybe try out a Stryfe cage with guide fingers to see if I can tighten the groups a little more.


  1. Interesting findings on the BFU barrel. I am going to do the same in the Oznerfnerd EAT to test if it works, as I will have before and after data. I still have the fluted inner barrels in my RS builds. Have you considered smooth bore? Another area for testing.
    I love how this looks! If you want to ditch that rail I would just put some split Pictinny on there. BSUK printed me a custom length for a very good price, just measure it and email them. Metric measurements obviously! Postage to you will be about $5 max. I don't know if the EBay printer in the US who does accesories makes the split pictinny.

  2. I am definatly looking forward to the next build you have. Especially if it was I think it is.

    This is a really great job here. I've been trying to find a way to turn my BOOMco Dynamag into a pump action and I can get some inspiration from this.