Sunday, May 31, 2020

Build Album: T19E1 Shorty Gamma Emax

My new short dart comp ripper.

S-Core 1.5 and ACE LC2, Emax RS2205S 2300kv, Gamma cage. Super handy. Gammas and x36 go well together.

Shot flawlessly on test.

The Emax RS2205S is my favorite motor at this point. Such great machining quality. As long as care is taken in mounting flywheels and avoiding overconstraint by the shaft hole (and the flywheels are true in the first place), you can get great dynamic balance out of the Emax Hy-Con setups. This one is super smooth and super quiet despite having "that angry N52 snarl".

Selector and analog knob right at hand.

Length comparison, my two current S-Core/ACE powered gats. The top unit aka QuaranT19 has a mix of early and E1 parts. Someday when I have no pressing matters I will upgrade it to E1 configuration.

Bonus, a S-Core function test and speed-based feed control demonstration showing awareness of and robustness against blocked wheels:

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