Friday, April 13, 2018

Project T19 Part 8: Quick Update (images)

T19.101 aka: "Production T19", codename Model Mo'ara

One-piece breech housing. New mounting patterns distinct from the symmetrical, narrow spacing Model Pandora breech bolt pattern. Vertically taller drive section pattern. Provisions for new flywheel motor controller location under side covers (which is only a cable space on the Model Pandora). Widely fenced magwell for forgiving loading. New mag release pivot design using a SHCS instead of a press fit pin. Unified aesthetics and smoothed handling areas.

DC link capacitor upgrade for 20A Afro motor drives: stock 220uF 35V Haicap, uprated 1000uF 35V Kemet ESY. Wimpy wimpy wimpy... HEFTY HEFTY HEFTY.

Controller with DC cap uprate installed with Gamma Major cage mated.

With side covers fitted.

Flash hider is carried over from Model Pandora (3-bolt muzzle device pattern is part of Gamma Major cage models by default)

Gamma Major changes include smoother externals, even stiffer design with reduced stress concentrations versus narrow-center Beta family, counterbored fasteners (excl. motor mounting bolts for a specific durability reason), tappable hole patterns for flashlight mounts, double-sided groove fillers, radiused user contact edges, and flywheel bolt inspection/torque check holes. Basic Hy-Con dimensions are adhered to, though <9.5mm wheel profiles will require a revision with slimmer groove fillers to clear.

T19 buttstock system uses 1" Schedule 40 PVC. Stock base with integral Masada-style sling mount using a SHCS. For lefty user, reflect model about axis before manufacturing, or install upside down if you don't mind where the screw head is.

Stock body is a battery box and contains a seat for the Bulgin 1300 series high inrush rated main power switch. An alternate version contains a DE-9 connector mounting pattern for internal charging of a hybrid cylindrical battery.

This is a 19-odd hour print. I started this chooching, went to work, came back with it still less than halfway through, had a very sleepless night while the Prusa chugged away, and had her done and lifted off the bed by 1600 today. Whew, thank you Eywa, for watching my silly machine and making sure this one didn't crash.

Collection of parts, including Production's totally redesigned drive housing and drive cover to be shown in detail later. A drive spacer is running right now.

The stock body showing switch cutout. Some pretty hardcore bridges in this part but did quite nicely.

Bug: There is a bit near the end where the stop for the stock tube is that is a SUPER hardcore bridge outright printing a big flat surface and a circular hole perimeter over nothing but AIR when you use the intended orientation for FDM-ing this part. I didn't have a problem getting it to pull through with the fan blasting, but some spaghetti is inevitable. Changes will be made to that model before release so that if your machine lacks part cooling, etc., you don't have too large a mess in that area.

I swear I did not measure the Model Pandora stock when designing this, but it's within 5mm/couple degrees in every dimension.

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