Sunday, May 19, 2013

Oblivion Rifle Update 5, part 1.

Well, it's almost finished.

And I have 140 images to post since last time, which was immediately before my machine's SATA cable failed and resulted in an unplanned lack of OR posts. And a lack of completion of the last post, which will be rectified.

 Lower front shroud fitted to the stryfe lower.

 Messy ugly PVC mounting bosses on top of stryfe receiver. These are going to be drilled and tapped to mount the gun to the shrouds.

 Appropriate spacers in the midsection of the upper shroud where the top layer is exposed. This design was based on fitting the middle layer to the gun so that area had to be shimmed out.

Now to change gears, the magazine. I hate useless 6 rounders. They have no combat purpose IMO. And in this case, they are still too long to be a screen-accurate prop mag. The Oblivion rifle was based on a Masada with 10-round, flush fitting AR mags. Chop chop.

 Now let's let that Devcon cure and work on something else.

 Like, say, the flashlight. My Coast light is not proportionate and has the wrong bezel geometry. That can be fixed, however, with yet more of that wonder chlorinated plastic. In this case, a section of 1" schedule 40 pipe. Totally unmodded, no fasteners or retention hardware required - the knurled body tube of the coast flashlight presses in so tightly that nothing short of being involved in a train wreck will remove it unintentionally.

That approach, putting a PVC shroud on the light, also gives me a mounting strategy.

Namely that. Green goes on inside top panel of shroud with Devcon. Done.

And our mag is cured, so time to clean it up. Nice, huh?

Capacity: 4 rounds. Drac back in the dark ages made these to trick people into thinking he had an unloaded weapon before shooting them. Drac, however, cut down the follower in order to ram in one more round. I am of the mindset that mag followers are not to be tampered with. 4 rounds it is. Lucky it's any rounds at all, it's a prop mag.

Now that's what I'm talking about.

Starting to round over the end of the strip of green PVC to match the pipe on the flashlight mount. That was a mistake. The strip and flat should have ended back inside the shroud. Whoops.
 Got my shroud screws. 1/4-20. Screen accurate is smaller, but the original rifle is slimmer.

Flashlight test fit.

Laying out mounting holes in shrouds.

Tapped holes.

Fasteners installed.
Started on stock fabrication. This is another layered structure. While the OR may look deceptively simple when painted and seen in action, it is quite a complex assembly. Everything below the pencil line on the base layer at the rear of the gun is going to get cut off.

...And a new panel devconned in.

...And another.


Here you can see part of a compromise made in Nerfizing this thing. The original trigger guard and backstrap curvature are lower down on the lower receiver. The Stryfe puts them higher (a first for a nerf gun *cough*Stampede). The original "hook" of the backstrap area blended nicely into the stock lower surface of the OR. Mine... doesn't.

 Random Stryfe box. How long ago that seemed when this was still a normal Stryfe.

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