Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rapidstrike Test Mule. More to come on the flywheel front.

 Once again, I have important things to post. Important things about flywheel motors, about Rapidstrikes. And not enough time and coherent thought to get them all together. If you have read me on the HvZ forums I have posted a lot of RS related stuff, stuff related to this gun above. Except it's not more than a stream of posts and observations and conversations among a bunch of modders. The problem with blogging this stuff is that it forces things to coalesce into an identifiable resource that someone can look at. Wait, that's the point. That's why I created DZ. Now I need to step up and get it done re: THIS.

So what's the ugly old thing up there? Long story short, a guinea pig for Rapidstrike mods.

It will eventually be cleaned up, and then it will be a real build - but for now, it still has wiring hanging out and temporary guarding of protruding motor endbells. And no integration or HvZ optimization. That will be fixed. And the info posted, along with a video showing some mag dumps which, I assure you, will remove any doubt about this system and its potential.

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