Monday, January 12, 2015

XM198 Vulture Completed

Painted, mounted the cycle control switch, and wired it up.

This switch install uses a custom bent actuator (from a flat lever type) designed to increase the switch duration versus a standard roller lever. The use of the full size micro and custom actuator will likely be added to future conventional RS FCG builds along with the direct micro trigger.

Finished product.

More images.

Battery location works well and keeps this pack out of the way.

Installed a rifled inner barrel for now. I will be revisiting the rifled inners and messing with later production kooshes.

Only lingering issues are that my new FKs aren't matching speed perfectly (hopefully that abates after breakin, and it isn't affecting anything now) and the pusher box is noisy. It is an early box, and I have seen some tear up so time will tell but for now I am going to run it and see.

Unlike the Tacmod, this lacks a diode drop for the pusher and has a slightly higher cyclic rate of fire, 650-700RPM on a hot pack. The chrono is not handy at the moment but it shoots great.

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