Thursday, January 1, 2015

Bird Is The Word. Vulture Progress 2

Last night I got this trigger group sorted. This is a direct full-size micro, it travels about 1/8", feels like an arcade button, and is by far the best trigger I have ever done. I used the stock Rayven trigger and cut nothing, and the switch body is backed against the inside of the grip. Trigger travel is restrained by a piece of PVC in front, since this was a semi-auto the stock travel was too far forward.

Begin day 2 of the build, January 1, 2015. I picked off most of the plastics fabrication chores. Here's what it looked like before, notice the carry handle went missing.

Cheek rest area had a large hole to patch.

The removed carry handle piece with rail:

And the plan:

This shroud rail is superfluous. Well, I'm not just going to leave the damn thing there.

Perhaps I will leave this hole, though. Barrel shroud ventilation hole under the carry handle?

Base of the new front carry handle standoff:

Blurry image, but that follows the receiver angles

Devcon carry handle to old front standoff, now new rear standoff and rear sight mount:

Mock up new standoff pieces

Finished carry handle/top rail install

Needs some trimming and sanding of those rough standoff pieces


Started dealing with old grip situation

Fabricated stock/buttplate. 2" Schedule 40 pipe into sheet. Thick and solid. Grooves freehand with grinder

Replaced that missing side cover with a PVC one

Side view of all that.

Mocked up battery position. I considered locating the pack above the pusher box as well as under the stock area, but that was all wrong for weight distribution, not to mention tight, and in a way, this is not a "clean" build. It's a quick and dirty secondary rig. It's not a Tacmod and it will never have perfect balance and handling like a Tacmod and I didn't want to build it a custom pack or deal with charge connectors. And I had this 2S 1600mAh pack already, so done.


I will be getting nowhere on this for at least a week while I am away from Site B, so here it stands.

To do:
Motor endbell covers
Front grip addition (to hook the support hand like a P90 to avoid getting it in front of the muzzle)
Muzzle device - suppressor?
Mount and time cycle control switch
Install screw and shape front of magwell
Fence magwell
Patch hole in heel of grip
Install FKs
Wreck Rayvens!


  1. That is starting to look sweet, much as I am not a bullpup fan.
    Do you want a battery holder like the one on the Ultimate Rapidpistol I did? I can add it to your parcel if you want it. I

    1. I'm not sure that one would fit this pack, and I am not about to -not- run a Monolith on this (the 18650 power tool cells are where it's at). Also, I'm not a fan of having a sharp cornered box there. Thanks for the offer though.

  2. A similar but more aesthetics-oriented build could look very nice with LEDs inside the barrel shroud - and such lights would be well-positioned to not throw light directly into the operator's eyes.

    In your last post, you said that the position of the carry handle made zero sense. Was the indent that you previously planned insufficient to prevent a cheek collision, or was there some other problem?

    1. The rear standoff of the stock carry handle was where that purple PVC is now, and that is exactly where the shooter's cheek ends up. The indent proved quite insufficient.

  3. Nice work here. I am currently finishing up a similar mod of my own. I think it is interesting you moved the carry rail forward. Would you ever think about storing that battery just above the pusher mech? It works out really well, and you can keep your balance plugs available.

    I will most likely post my BullPup RS on reddit when it is finished to share some more content. Best of luck with this beast!

    1. I considered that for the battery, but it was a bit tight with this existing pack and made the balance worse, as well as removing the jam door option, which I consider necessary to prevent wet ammo during rain.

      I see the reddit post. Looks like you beat me to functionality.

  4. I am interested in the battery placement. Putting the battery on the user side (assuming the user will hold blaster in right hand) seems to put it in their way.

    Have you considered putting it on the other side of the blaster?

    1. Actually, putting it on the user side gets it both out of the user's way and out of harm's way; as well as keeping it from being shoved up against gear and metal hardware when this is slung as an offhand secondary.

      If the pack were on the right, it would cause a wrist clearance problem when firing from the shoulder, and be against the body when slung on the left.

      The battery leads will come from the underside and be ziptied to the angled surface on the receiver to tuck in and keep the connector from sticking out.

    2. I was making the comparison from my Rapidpistol. I didn't even think about the arm path. I suppose it would be in the way. When I sling something off my back I have the left/port side facing my back.

      As another alternative you might be able to affix where the handle was (and obviously only adhere it to one side). It would be out of the way and protected from the back by the butt plate.