Saturday, April 27, 2013

DZ Post categories and general approach.

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>> Categories

If you notice, I categorize posts with those prefixes in square brackets in the hopes of making stuff easier to read and find. Some examples and a mostly complete list:

[Build] A build post.
[Mods] A modification to a nerf product or part.
[Tech] Nuts and bolts.
[New Gear] I don't think this could have any meaning other than the obvious.
[HvZ] Humans vs. Zombies specific.
[Review] Usually I do not do this.
[Test] Most likely, something got chronographed. Could be a mod or a stocker.
[Myths] Busted or confirmed?

>> Mods, builds and tech?

Mods posts cover a discrete modification to a commercial product.

Build posts cover a whole build and its finished product.

Tech posts are about how I do things.

>> Writeups

Nerfhaven style writeups are fine for mods, but not for whole builds or for matters that should be addressed in terms of theory rather than duplication. Duplication doesn't advance the hobby. I will explain how I did things but I will treat the reader like he can think for himself.

>> Nerf is an open source hobby

If you keep secrets about what you do in nerf or get into fights about "credit", you are interfering with community advancement, and you are wrong.

>> Rants

Being passive about issues never helped change anything.

>> Chronograph

It's an instrument for measuring the velocity of a projectile.

I do not range test. The chrono is a far more accurate, repeatable, unbiased and reliable performance measure.

Nerf up to this point has been the odd man out among hobbies that play tag with fake guns. You will not find people shooting their paintballs and BBs flat over a field and recording the distance they traveled. Time for us to make the jump and stop being "the unscientific kiddie version".

>> HvZ

Humans vs. Zombies, a large scale game of tag involving Nerf guns simulating a zombie apocalypse scenario.

>> Stock Class, NIC, HVZ guns, war guns?

They have no formal definitions.

My stance: Stock class involves stock or stockish darts and velocity usually less than or equal to 150fps. War guns shoot stefans at 150-350fps.

>> Why so aggressive?

I loathe things that hold back nerf from new frontiers. I want to kill said things with fire.

>> Blaster?

A blaster is an energy weapon that exists only in science fiction.

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