Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Concept Demolisher Underslung Launcher Relocation

A quick one.

Stock Demmo:

Proposed launcher position change:

Original image credit: Prop Weapons Coop

The number one complaint about the Demolisher's launcher installation is that the overall system is very tall and ungainly. This is not necessarily inherent. The stock launcher location obviously is constrained by the flywheel cage and the desire to place it as far back as possible, as well as the need to accommodate the flange on some types of handguard sets of barrel extensions when installed on the twist-lock.

To that beef I add that there is no natural support hand position except on the ungainly launcher pump grip. The launcher blocks the front of the mag and magwell entirely.

The concept moves the launcher forward and upward, closer to the inner barrel and in front of the flywheel cage, theoretically remedying both the ergonomic and the aesthetic shortcomings. The twist-lock is rendered useless by the launcher barrel's proximity; but in practice I consider this twist-lock of zero practical use and would install a nice big tacticool flash hider instead. Also, the typical Hasbro cheek rails are taken out (likely entirely removed in an actual build, as in the Tacmod) which is similarly just fine as these rails' position renders them practically useless for lights.

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