Saturday, September 20, 2014

Voberry Dart After-Action Report

These low-cost darts that I had previously described as "not competition grade" went to the USF stock class war today, and I am impressed. They may not be competition grade, but they are a hell of a product and certainly have their place, and I will likely buy more.

First of all, they shot perfectly fine. I was using the Tacmod, shooting 90-100fps with these. They are not at all inaccurate darts nor are the ballistics anything undesirable. I would consider them on par with lightly used Hasbro Elite Standard. Overall they are like shooting slightly more accurate Streamlines.

Second, reliability was perfect. I had a bit of an issue with J-code Elite not playing well with my mags this game, and this is not the first time. I don't think I am buying any more of that stuff - for a while I liked it, and it is true that modern J-code is not the disastrous Elite of 2012, but it does not have that great a reliability record and particularly when worn it can be a jam fest. These however... Forget malfunctions. Even the "competition grade" ZS Elite cannot measure up - the Voberry design is inherently a high-reliability design by the selection of a slick tip compound rather than a tacky one, and ZS Elite, lacks this inherent safety. You will not manage to make Voberry darts jam no matter how carelessly you load your mags.

Third, durability. The foam held up amazingly. All tips stayed tightly glued on, and the larger OD foam seems to reduce flywheel-related wear. These look new but they are not - they were just a few hours ago shot at some fellow Floridians. Fresh J-code would not look like this after a game of use!

Overall, based on the order I received, I highly recommend them for any use where maximum accuracy is not a primary consideration and you don't mind shooting a heavier dart. These would be a perfect dart for community ammo supplies, field rentals (Dart WarZ, that means you!) and HvZ service - cheap, reliable and built to last.

However, some reports of weak/inadequate tip glue from certain suppliers exist. I had zero tip glue problems with these darts - note the Amazon link in my original post from which I obtained them! Many eBay sellers are hawking Voberry-type darts and those seem to be the trouble source.

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