Saturday, May 23, 2015

Koosh Dart Tacmod Chrono Session - Crazy Results

Check, this, out!

I wanted to give these darts a test based on the significant foam change versus past darts, and I did.

The data will speak for themselves. These are here as images because Google Docs goofed up my graphs. Pay close attention to that Y-axis scale, it is NOT in error!

Remember when I said these darts hit hard? Well, they really DO hit hard. They won't be not calling their hits with these!

Yes, my chrono is set up properly! The setup is identical to what I ran the Kforce test on. Everything else is reading just where I expect it to.

These are the Feb '15 darts with the relatively thinner, weaker foam:

But even they shot a lot hotter than the koosh I have tested in the past, including the early '15 BW12 forest green and the 2014 Yutoys blue.

Neither of these specific batches of darts I had previously subjected to any kind of testing.

My Retal only barely managed to peak at 100fps with either of these darts. I didn't record Retal data because I do not want to wear these darts out, I want to turn that performance on zombies 2 weeks from now!

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