Monday, May 18, 2015

Tacmod 3.1 - All Downhill From Here

A while back I modded a RS stock for this to accept a battery. When I had it mostly together, I couldn't resist a mockup. Note the super tacticool Mega dart muzzle device.

The build stayed stalled while I was away from the workshop, and more importantly my heat gun, stash of PVC, paints, and battery welder.

Within the last few days I got back to those things, and it progressed very far, very suddenly.

XP180s installed in a Stryfe cage and receiver hacked. I finally just bought a Stryfe to get that cage. Was a much easier motor install and hopefully the spring feed guides work out too.

Did all the cage/magwell area fabrication and now it's starting to look like a Tacmod. Also, I filled in the recess from the old side rail with a PVC panel. It is now flush and will make a solid place to bolt on one end of a section of picatinny in the future. Finally, it now has a big-ass flash hider.

Closeup of bodywork prior to carving down the front of the magwell.

The side other players see. Endbell covers also done.

Came across this warning badge at Skycraft Surplus in Orlando. If you are a nerfer from Team Internet, you will know why I had to have this on my gun. It's about the size of the NERF logo that has suspiciously gone missing from the TM3.1's left side. I wonder why!

Parts ready for paint after sanding and washing with dish soap to remove oils.

Pusher box and flywheel cage with XP180 installed.

Parts at pre-wiring completion stage laid out.

This is the jam door I modified to extend its stroke and added a charging handle, since other means of gripping it are now removed.

Receiver and top plate after spraying primer and the regular "DZ Customs Red" enamel. Currently waiting on these to cure so they can be whitestriped.

Built the battery. I didn't get any images of this pack build but it is just like the others I have done. 2S, Sony US18650VTC3.

Battery in stock.

If all goes according to plan, this gun will be fielded at the June 6, 2015 TBNC HvZ woods game.

To do:
Fence magwell
Magwell front
Cage underside bodywork
Fill and finish top rail install
Motor endbell covers
Install arming plug connector
Gut a stock for battery, reinforce and devcon together
Carefully straighten rail installs, adjust the mounting holes and glue the nuts down
Make flash hider
Order switches for FCG
Obtain a Stryfe cage and fly set
Mod cage for Tacmod use
Look into Demolisher Flywheels
Build battery pack
Build FCG
Mod pusher box for 180 motor
Figure out the sling situation (Later?)
Paint (WIP)
Install charging connector
Shorten a Stampede inner barrel to fit
Add magnetic jam door latch
Tag people.


  1. For the sling, I recommend you look into a quick adjust bungee sling. I am currently making a hybrid sling that will be essentially the VTAC bungee sling:
    plus D rings, side release buckles, and snap hooks so it can also be used in a single sling setup like the Condor STRYKE sling: (

    1. I currently have something vaguely like a Magpul MS2, except my RS rear sling mount is a random webbing thingy I found that cinches onto the buffer tube and that is not optimal (too far back). I like that style sling and my next one will be a proper (or at least cheap airsoft clone) MS2 or MS3.

      It is the rear sling mount on the gun I need to figure out for all my stuff. Plastic, eye bolts, zip ties and such are not going to cut it, I need a clean, unobtrusive, strong/metal piece of hardware I can bolt on. The question is how cheap (not how good, which is a given). The sling mount off a Masada would be perfect, just costly.

  2. Can you fit a 3s lipo in the stock?

    1. I'm sure you could find a 3S lipo to go in there, but capacity might be a bit low. I could also fit a 3 cell Monolith in there but it would be tight on space.