Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rapidstrike deserves an internal battery pack...

But not in the front of the damn thing.

I was messing with a spare RS stock left from the RapidPistol build, when it hit me: There's room in there for a stick pack!


Those two Panasonic NCR18650B have nothing to do with this project, they are just a stand-in for the 2S pack of Sanyo UR18650SAX that will eventually be put here once I get my latest order of cells and pack assembly materials.

There is room available in these stocks, with some hacking and grinding, to fit larger cells. I don't have any loose Sub-C cells to try but I would guess they would fit. A-diameter cells like 18650 lithiums and 2/3A NiMH will fit without a doubt no matter where the wires are placed on the pack. There are also probably some expensive, airsoft-specific LiPo packs that could be employed in this setup.

Speaking of airsoft, that is where the idea of a stick battery came from since a lot of very similar needs exist in airsoft (desire to hide a big and capable battery pack inside a realistic and tactical-looking weapon's original design and interior spaces...), so if you want your RS to be a bit cleaner, better balanced and integration-ready, you may want to look into airsoft suppliers of battery packs for use in this mod.

A 3S of 18650s may be a little tight, but it might actually work out as well. I am going to use this on a stock-motor RS build so I am using 2S.


  1. So I've been trying to integrate a 700+ Lumen light into the front of my blaster and this would help a lot to give me some space up front (mostly for a heatsync and LED driver). This is the component I'm looking at if you're interested.

    1. Sounds like a cool project. Triple lights are awesome, I would actually like to find a suitable host to put a triple XPG setup in sometime. Flashlight of course, not integrated like this.

      Just a word of warning, I hope you have a big heatsink if you plan to run continuously. And a big battery, as well. You may want to be careful using your motor pack for that light, a low drain such as one amp can add up to a lot of capacity burned through surprisingly fast if you aren't paying attention to your light usage.

      Also, the cost seems a bit high to me, although not out of line for a custom integrated solution. For 20 bucks, you only get 3 XP-G2 mounted on an MCPCB (star board).

      You can get an entire, single XM-L, 900 lumen rated (emitter lumens), ready to go, single 18650 cell FLASHLIGHT for that price - check out the Convoy line at Fasttech which is cheap but top notch, I have one! Really, I think it would be better to do what other weaponlights do, and have a self contained sealed light with its own battery.

      I recommend a Convoy M1, with the 2.8A driver if you want to go for insane brightness (though you may want to back that down to <2A if you want it on for long periods due to heat) and XM-L U2. That and some good 18650 cells, I use Pana B (as seen above) but Sanyo UR18650FM is probably better runtime on these lights due to voltage. Use your lipo charger on them. I also have a battery protection mod for the convoy flashlights that I will post soon, if you get one.

      Happy hunting!

  2. How did you get the blue thing off of the stock. I can't figure it out.