Thursday, September 5, 2013

WIP RapidPistol

After hearing a report from teek42 of an unbarreled RS not shooting wildly every which way, I went ahead with shortening the former stock motor test gun to a pistol.

This is the shortest possible configuration. All battery box remnants are gone. The carry handle was retained, as I do not like the loss of aim reference that occurs when it is removed (leaving a non-flat receiver surface if you cut in the obvious locations). Plus, I like carry handles.

2s pack on the side gets the job done. Still to do: reroute those battery leads which were left from the last front-wired configuration, and bodywork of course. Then paint? I am also going to be putting carbons in these motors and swapping in a better set of flies when I get the chance.

There were/are plans to add a N-Strike stock mount and a stub barrel with twist-lock muzzle fitting for modularity. That is going to need to be balanced with minimum length and bulk. I could easily go as modular as a Stryfe - a full-auto Stryfe... but then again, regular old rifle RS with fixed barrels and receiver-integral handguards/barrel supports do that better. I may just keep it as is, being that this is definitively a quick and dirty type of weapon, is never going to be anything proper and formal and clean, and it is SHOCKINGLY short in its current configuration.

This thing may be my new secondary for HvZ.

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