Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Shelf Watch 12-15-14 Lakeland Square TRU and Target

Lakeland, Florida. Slightly late in putting this post up, and stay tuned for a possible Shelf Watch from somewhere that isn't Florida at all...


Strongarm XD (Xtra Dumbass Marketing) finally appears IRL

Xploders on clearance, recent models. Is Target FINALLY ditching the triggerless wonders and graduating to foam? Back 2-3 years ago, this would be a wall of spitball and gel ball garbage as big as the actual foam dart guns!


Spotted this pistol:

Not the first to find it but it's a new one to me. It's a PTT product. Fires those PTT Xtreme Darts (which are similar to the Zuru/X-Shot Super Dart and have not the slightest connection to the Buzzbee Extreme Dart) and has a 70' range claim on the box.

Sears has a listing that shows a clean image of it. That odd feature under the cylinder might be holstering trouble, but there shouldn't be any reason to not chop it off (PTT: WHY? In general, why do you third parties have such dumb aesthetic greeblies slapped all over otherwise fine designs?). Overall I like the aesthetic, minus that little tumor, and the main issue I see is possible incompatibility with full length darts. 8 shots, and making it go should be easy, probably new barrels and you are beating Strongarms.

BoomCo display touting "The Next Generation Of Blasters", Smart Stick, and the onboard shields of most of the BoomCo stuff. Tubes full of BoomCo darts, generally a lot of pomp and circumstance over... What now? Practically dollar store pistols done with better quality, and one good viable piece, and tons of gimmicks.

Do note the BoomCo Darts "safe and soft" and the clever "won't jam" with a no-signed jam jar. The BoomCo dart is a solid (but soft) rubber tip and at .40 caliber and 1.4g, has a really high sectional density for a nerf dart, higher than a .68 caliber paintball. As to not jamming, it's all harmonica clips, revolvers and muzzleloaders, which may be ammo-insensitive, but just aren't going to hack gameplay.

I would like to see a magfed BoomCo gun - perhaps I will have to rechamber a Retal and mod some mags. The smaller caliber and "straw" body ought to work great.

And NOS Lumitrons! Rockin' tracer discs like it's 2012!

On the NOS subject, there were zero Stampedes, Vulcans, or any other pre-elite stuff here aside from these Lumitrons and tons of Vortex firefly mag kits. Dart Tag seems to be on its last legs even as an exclusive with only Snapfires and Sharpshot player packs seen on an endcap and not being restocked. E-Rays and tracer elites were seen (which are probably NOS and not being restocked) and continuing the trend against pumps, there were no Rampages to be found.

Observation about Nerf box art: All the "flagships" have that orange gradient type for the model name - Rhino-Fire, Rapidstrike, Demolisher.

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