Saturday, December 6, 2014

Concept Bullpup Rapidstrike

Contributing factor 1: Let's face it, Rayvens are so 2012. They have all their rough edges, cage alignment problems, vibration problems, ergonomic problems, janky trigger linkages and just general malaise about them. They are semi-auto, and expensive, and as of right now, their availability is low.

About the only outstanding feature of the Rayven system is that it is (prior to the 2015 Crossbolt) the only bullpup, magfed nerf gun you can buy off the shelf.

Now, I don't mind bullpups. I would not want to fight exclusively with them, because I find standard layouts are far better with mag changes and intuitive handling despite the length efficiency and inertia shortcomings - but I really don't mind bullpups at all. I just don't care for semi-autos nor the aggravating and dated Rayven.

Contributing factor 2: My RapidPistol is down. I smoked my RS motors after a year of bashing. I was happy with the perfomance of the weapon but not its ergonomics. I want a new secondary that will handle and carry more like a Rayven. I am considering selling my RapidPistol (with a FK swap) and replacing it with something.

Contributing factor 3: There is a standardization program underway within the squad (details not to be posted). Discussion of the upgrade path for a Rayven-wielding scout led to mention of a Rayven full auto conversion with RS parts, which I countered by suggesting a bullpup RS, getting rid of all the Rayven hardware completely.

Enter the XM198 Vulture:

That should do it. I will hopefully get on this build sometime soon.


  1. This is an very interesting concept. I however dislike how much the but would stick out. I know that is because the pusher has to go somewhere.

    Perhaps you could turn the pusher around and put it closer to the trigger, in front of the magwell and flywheels. You could fabricate a follower/pusher (with a rough sideways "U" shape) that would attach to the dart pusher. This attached piece would then reach around the motor cage and push the darts into the flywheels. Similar to a Rayven wire design but more rigid...and automatic. With proper guides in place and spot lubrications I see it being no where near as rough as the Rayven pusher. (Not that the user would experience any of that as the motor/gearbox would be doing all that work.

    1. It would only be an inch or so more pull than a Rayven. It looks that way because the grip isn't thumbholed and the area behind the mag is vertically shorter, without the wasted space underneath that the Rayven has. And, people have historically put stock extenders on Rayvens, so at least for its intended purpose of being a shoulder-fired device, it should be fine.

    2. I was more commenting on how far back the stock would end up. I didn't know people used to extend the Rayven. It was admittedly before my time. I joined the hobby during the time of the Stryfe.

      To keep the functionality of the pusher switch are you just planning on trimming the trigger assembly or affix your own so you can use a better switch?

    3. By pull, I mean the distance from the grip backstrap to the buttplate, i.e. how far the stock sticks out.

      The magwell will be farther forward than a Rayven. That also contributes.

      I am going to put a microswitch in there most likely.