Friday, December 5, 2014

Shelf Watch Gainesville, FL: More Of The Same, K-Code Elite Madness

I am at the old stomping grounds for squad stuff and an HvZ minimission, and today I have time to kill, so I trolled the stores.

Wal-Mart Butler Plaza:

Zing Sky Ripperz on clearance.

Note: Target is not clearancing these. I suspect Wal-Mart is dropping them or overstocked.

Plenty of stock of these...

Buzzbee GunSmoke

But practically no Doubleshots. I'm wondering if the GunSmoke is acting as a replacement for the equally gimmicky (in this modern era) Doubleshot. Also, general Buzzbee staples like standard cheap Tek pistols are missing. Typical of Buzzbee.

Rebelle: Rapid Reds are out. M14-style mags are interesting; or, would be when painted.

And Zing is in the Rebelle ripoff business with pinkified Fireteks:

Latest wave of Xploderz, including the hand-cranked "gatling" (but not Gatling, barrels do not rotate!) Mayhem and the BoomCo-imitating Savage Shield:

Nerf Demolishers stacked awkwardly in a strange location one aisle over with the Super Soakers and miscellaneous toys:

Nerf Rhino-Fire island display

On to Target. Appears to be a new Zing box art for the Z-Curve Bow. A step back if you ask me! Note that product to the left is a Z-Tek and is not the same bow - yet, as in last post, the range claims are now equal. Wait, IS that a true Z-Curve in the new box or is this a third model?

New Mega "cure darts"

And new 30 cases of Elite - note the ELITE printing on the foam! All the ammo is now going to be printed, apparently.

These are K-code.

75 case showing more of the printing.

These (at Wal-Mart) are also K-code.

I found J-code in an XD Stryfe cardpack, so J-code is not gone, but if you buy bulk Elite now it will be K-code. I have had the most reliability trouble (out of the chronically problematic blue Hasbro Elite) out of K-code... All the more reason to recommend that you STOP BUYING ELITE DARTS. Support your friendly aftermarket dart suppliers! If you must, go for the ZombieStrike Elite.

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