Saturday, December 27, 2014

Shelf Watch: 12-24-14 Iowa

This is the "Not from Florida" Shelf Watch I hinted at. Picked up a Target and a Bed, Bath & Beyond in the Midwest while visiting family...

Target: Nothing special. Standard NSE and ZS stuff, standard Boomco incursion.

Once again, zero Rampages. And no, there weren't any EATs either. Cough, maybe it's a good time to switch to auto, cough.

Only odd find was the latest Buzzbee shenanigan:

(note unrelated price tag which is for a Nerf RS)

Tek... 6X??? So what's the X?

Looks like a 3G Tek 6 to me. Range claim is 30' so it's probably not performance related.

BBB: Marshmallow Fun Company stuff

Marshmallow Blaster

Marshmallow Mini Bow

And a Zing bow knockoff of some type:

Appears unrelated to Zing. Arrow design is similar to Zing bows. Only claims 50' for range.

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