Monday, December 15, 2014

Koosh Dart Tip Glue, BW12, And Customer Satisfaction.

I was planning my next dart order, being that I have mowed through half of my Yutoys Koosh lot already, and I was going to buy from eBay seller "beautifulwoman2012" and do a review of the first and most common koosh source, as well as getting that cool dark green foam they offer, and hopefully the slick (more accurate and reliable) tips. I was however expecting to receive poorly glued darts and spend time rebonding tips.

Then I saw this comment on reddit from user JeffOnReddit, in the thread of my Stock Class Ammo Roundup:

My last batch from BW2012 was as nicely glued as Yutoys ( i bought darts from both). Have i been lucky?

Which hinted at things turning around with the koosh quality control.

Then I found this listing:

Nerf N-strike Elite Rampage Retaliator Blasters 500 pcs Darts Improved Adhesive

Improved adhesive!!

And in the listing:

To my dear Customer:

Recently,there is a lot of negative discussion about our darts in the Nerf player comunity online,some friendly buyers informed me of that: The Tips easily fall off the darts as the not enough glue was used .

they fall apart in the motorized flywheel blasters that pull the darts with direct preasure

the adhesive contact between the head and the foam.

We apologize for the added work of reattaching the heads to the faom dart!

Now,We increase quality of the adhesive used in attaching the heads to the foam dart.

So you will receive the improved darts which used stronger adhesive from now on!

Apologize deeply once again!

Now THAT is the way to do business! BW12, if you are reading this post, you ought to be an example to every supplier in this hobby.

Looks like the dreaded BW12 koosh tip glue, is potentially a thing of the past. Awesome!

Update: As of right now (12-15-14 12:28 Eastern) ALL of the Koosh dart listings have been updated with "Improved Adhesive" and the message above!

Also, to speculate, I wonder if the Yutoys product is simply the later revision dart, since Yutoys got into the koosh business later than BW12 and their stock was purchased well after the troublesome batches. What then is to become of the slick tips? I hope this is false, and they remain - but it would make sense that the plasticizer in the slick tips could be causing the glue trouble and the change to TPE "yutoys" tips was (part of) the fix...

But anyway, I am about to fire off a dart order. 200 BW12 Koosh, either dark green foam or multicolor. We will see if they get the good glue - but if they don't yet, they WILL in due time, and that is the most important thing here.

Support this seller! Buy BW12 Koosh darts!


  1. That's great news but... the clear question on everyone's mind: Is beautifulwoman2012 actually a Beautiful Woman?

    1. I don't care what he/she looks like. They can have my babies for ,asking that dart!

  2. This will be my first foray into non Nerf darts. finally buckling down and getting some Koosh darts. I now have 500 darts headed my way. Thanks for all the time and effort you have put into off brand dart reviews.